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Feature: Tis the Season … for Scholarships

It’s scholarship season at Truman Heartland Community Foundation! Since 1982, THCF fundholders have directed more than $5.1 million in educational funding. Scholarships provide an opportunity for students of all ages to pursue an education.

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Creating a Legacy: The Norman and Mary Anne Davidson Scholarship Fund

When you lose someone dear to your heart, it can be devastating. Regardless of the how or why, there are many emotions to go through before those left behind begin to find peace. However, numerous studies have shown that philanthropy can be a powerful tool in the journey to healthy healing.


Calling All Youth

Nearly 100 students from 12 area high schools make up the Truman Heartland Youth Advisory Council (YAC). These philanthropically minded student-leaders strive to impact their community by reviewing nonprofit grant proposals, planning and organizing fundraisers, making grant recommendations, and participating in community service projects.

Feature: New Voices Coming to the THCF Board

Truman Heartland is excited to welcome three new members to the THCF Board of Directors beginning January 2022.

Give Smart – 4 Ways to Give Smart at Year-End

Several giving strategies remain particularly effective as they make year-end gifts. Qualified charitable distributions, contributions of appreciated stock, bequests, and a bunching strategy are all good tools for year-ending giving.

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All uses of the Truman Heartland logo by another organization in advertising or promotions must be approved in advance by the Community Foundation. Therefore, all requests to use the logo or for electronic versions of the logo should be directed to Amy Brost, Marketing and Communications Manager, at or 816-912-4190.


  • Truman Heartland’s logo may only be used in the two-color version or the black-and-white version. No other colors may be used. 
  • Please don’t move or rearrange elements of the logo in any way. And don’t change the scale of the logo (e.g., don’t change the size of one part of the logo without changing all parts in correlation). 
  • Do not add any elements to the logo, or subtract any elements from it. Also, don’t animate the logo on a website. 
  • The minimum size of the Community Foundation logo for printing or posting is 1.1” wide. Whenever possible, the Community Foundation’s logo should appear with one-half the logo’s height of white space on all sides.




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