Supporting the Nonprofit Community

In addition to helping individuals and families grow their charitable giving, we also partner with area nonprofit organizations to help them grow their funds. Whether their support is needed around a planned giving program or to set up an endowment fund for a sustainable future, THCF helps nonprofits focus on what they do best while we deal with the details.


  1. Low-fee option for nonprofit organizations to invest and grow their funds
  2. Free planned giving support to partner nonprofit organizations
  3. Grant opportunities through the THCF annual competitive grants program
  4. Special, exclusive fundholder events that connect donors to the projects and programs of our local nonprofits

Some of our current nonprofit partners:

Some of our current NPO partners

Nonprofit Search

Are you looking for the right nonprofit to receive your charitable investment? We can help! You can donate directly to nonprofits that have partnered with the Foundation for the purpose of increasing support for their missions. All funds and sub-funds are open to receive contributions from the general public.

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