“You can’t be extraordinary doing ordinary things.” This was a phrase that Phillip Zaroor lived by and used to inspire those around him to strive for excellence. Alongside his wife and partner, Rhita Zaroor, Phil built an extraordinary legacy through his family, charitable work and numerous business ventures. Phil worked to pioneer the industry of tire performance management solutions through his business, Advance PressurePro, headquartered in Harrisonville, MO.

Phil’s work at PressurePro was influential around the world, making the roads safer and creating savings and efficiencies for drivers and fleets of all types and sizes. During his career, Phillip was recognized as one of the country’s top entrepreneurs in Fortune Small Business Magazine, was honored by author David Thomson in his book, “Blueprint to a Billion: 7 Essentials to Achieve Exponential Growth,” and was awarded numerous honors in the Kansas City community and beyond.

Perhaps more importantly to Phil, he was a pillar in his community. His commitment to his family and business was matched only by his drive to help others. A founder of Harrisonville’s Rotary Club, a 17-year youth football coach, and a staple in the local business community and the transportation industry worldwide, Phil was regarded as a mentor and friend by countless people.

The Zaroor family established the Phillip Zaroor Entrepreneurial Scholarship to honor Phillip’s legacy by providing support for graduates of Harrisonville High School who are passionate about entrepreneurship.


$250 – $1,000 per academic year. (Year 1, $250 | Year 2, $500 | Year 3, $750 | Year 4, $1,000)


Yes, this scholarship can be renewed for up to three additional years of funding. Renew by submitting a Zaroor application in the application portal.


Applications must be submitted by April 19.


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