Blair Michaela Shanahan Lane was a beloved, big-hearted 11 year old when she passed away in 2011. In Blair’s memory, her family has honored her desire to change the world by providing hope, comfort, support, clothing and other basic necessities to children in distressed situations through a non-profit organization called Blair’s Foster Socks. Blair’s Foster Socks established the Blair Michaela Shanahan Lane Memorial Scholarship in 2016 to build upon Blair’s loving legacy by providing scholarships to students in distressed situations.



Up to $1,000 per academic year.


May be renewed for three additional years of funding. A renewal application must be submitted with proof of continuing college enrollment and a minimum college cumulative GPA of 2.5.


General applications and additional requirements are due February 24.

Please note that the general application requires transcripts showing grades from Fall Semester 2022. Any applications submitted with transcripts omitting Fall Semester 2022 will not be considered. We recommend getting started on your application as soon as you have received your Fall Semester 2022 transcripts so you have time to prepare the additional requirements.