Dave and Connie Mayta are doers.

“You just have to ask yourself what you’re passionate about,” says Connie, “and then think of something you can do to make a difference.”

And what a difference they’ve made. In their 32-year marriage, they’ve produced 17 charitable theatre productions, organized 20 youth art shows, led two park clean-up events and supported countless local nonprofits as volunteers and members.

In 2018, Mayor Eileen Weir recognized Dave and Connie as the Independence Citizens of the Year at the Toast to Our Towns Gala.

“Dave and Connie are the type that wherever you go, there they are,” said Mayor Weir. “They have so many different interests and have made so many significant contributions that I thought they would be great representatives for this award… Plus they’re just nice people.”

With their philanthropic goals in mind, when deciding what to do with appreciated stocks from a previous employer, the couple’s financial advisor suggested they put it to work to benefit their community. By transferring their appreciated stocks to Truman Heartland Community Foundation and establishing a donor advised fund, Dave and Connie received a charitable income tax deduction in that year while creating a new way to support the causes that they care about.

Dave and Connie appreciate the ease of donating with their donor advised fund and enjoy Truman Heartland donor perks, like Behind the Scenes events, as an opportunity to learn about different organizations and special projects around the community.

“It’s fun to use,” said Dave. “We know the money is there and when we see there’s a need, we can use our donor advised fund to do good for our community.”