From helping provide diapers and infant care items for new moms to working with adults with disabilities to find equitable, competitive employment, THCF fundholders support some pretty incredible causes. Literally, millions of dollars in funding go out of the foundation doors each year, helping organizations here and abroad do amazing things. If you are one of our generous fundholders … thank you. Thank you for your commitment to making our communities great places to live, work, and serve.

As we approach year-end, it's a good time to think about re-filling your donor advised fund (DAF). If you’ve requested a lot of grants this year, your fund balance may be dwindling. Adding to your fund allows you to enjoy the tax benefits of your donation today and continue your giving into the New Year worry-free. Your DAF is a powerful tool that can potentially increase in value over time and provide even more funding for your future grant-making. But you need to make sure you have adequate funds in your account available to invest and grow!

Review your fund balance on the donor portal or contact our office. We would be happy to work with you or your advisor to re-fill your fund before year-end. Don’t miss this opportunity to get a 2023 tax deduction before it's too late.