Betty Jean McMillin was a teacher and world traveler who loved to visit other cultures. She was often touched by the impoverishment of people due to the lack of opportunity. Betty established the McMillin Family Foundation Scholarship to help others attain the skills needed for a good future and to honor her parents, Clarence and Lucile, and her brother, Edward.

The McMillin family has been in the area for several generations. Clarence was a farmer in the early years of his life. Later he became a steel worker at Armco until he retired. He was a hard worker and was remembered for his great gardens. Lucile was from the Brooks family, who were early homesteaders in South Dakota. Lucile remembered riding in a horse-drawn wagon across the prairies of Nebraska. She was a kind and gentle soul who took great care of her family with very little means. Betty had one younger brother, Edward, who was a carpenter. He worked very hard for everything he earned and was a great role model for his family.

Betty recognized the importance of a good education and built her life around helping others prepare for their futures. She received her bachelor’s degree in teaching from Central Missouri State in Warrensburg, later receiving a master’s degree in commerce from the University of Wyoming. She spent her career teaching at Northeast High School in Kansas City, Missouri. Betty knew how important her family’s support was when she was in school, so her dream was to establish a scholarship fund to help others meet the expenses of a college education.



Up to $1,000 per academic year.


Yes, this scholarship can be renewed for three additional years of funding to complete and undergraduate degree. If the candidate pursues a graduate degree upon completion of their undergraduate degree, two further years of additional funding my be awarded. A renewal application must be submitted with proof of continuing college enrollment and a minimum college cumulative GPA of 2.5.


The General Application will be opened December 15 and will be due (including any additional requirements for scholarships you may be matched with) April 1.

Please note that the general application requires transcripts showing grades from Fall Semester 2023. Any applications submitted with transcripts omitting Fall Semester 2023 will not be considered.



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