The Bess Wallace Truman Scholarship was created by Junior Service League of Independence to honor the memory of First Lady of the United States, Bess Wallace Truman, who was active in many community service organizations in Independence.

Mrs. Truman’s daughter, Margaret Truman Daniel, said of her mother:

“She is a woman of tremendous character, which the public may sense, but in addition, she is a warmhearted, kind lady with a robust sense of humor, a merry twinkling wit and a tremendous capacity for enjoying life.”

Junior Service League of Independence trains volunteers for leadership roles, initiates service in response to community needs and offers women opportunities for personal growth.



Up to $2,500 per academic year.


Yes, this scholarship can be renewed for three additional years of funding at $1,000 per academic year. A renewal application must be submitted with proof of continuing college enrollment, continuing community service and a minimum college GPA of 2.5.


The General Application will be opened December 15 and will be due (including any additional requirements for scholarships you may be matched with) April 1.

Please note that the general application requires transcripts showing grades from Fall Semester 2023. Any applications submitted with transcripts omitting Fall Semester 2023 will not be considered.



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