Nonprofit organizations can benefit greatly from planned giving programs. These programs promise future funding for the organization, which is essential for sustainability and growth.

A well-cultivated relationship with donors who have planned gifts in their will or trust can help nonprofits plan ahead, budget for the future, and even prepare for economic crises.

One of the advantages of a well-developed planned giving program is that planned gifts are often large donations that require little cost to secure. This makes planned giving a highly cost-effective way to fundraise, with an average return of $56.83 per dollar spent, compared to $33.33 for major giving and $8.41 for regular giving, according to a 2013 AskRIGHT study.

Some nonprofit professionals worry that planned gifts may reduce the total annual giving to their organizations. However, research by Dr. Russell James has found that planned giving can actually trigger a 75% increase in annual gifts. Donors who add a charity to their will typically increase their annual gifts by more than $3,000 in the following years. Furthermore, even among those who don't increase their gifts, 47% of donors maintain their annual giving rates without cutting into annual giving revenue.

If you're looking to establish or refresh your nonprofit’s planned giving program, Truman Heartland Community Foundation can be a valuable resource. By partnering with us, donors can leave a lasting legacy and make a significant impact on your organization’s mission. Join numerous other nonprofits, such as the Hope House, Puppetry Arts Institute, Junior Service League, or the Historical Society of Lee’s Summit, in support of our local communities. Reach out to Cole Eason, VP of Advancement, to learn more about all the programs and services we have available for nonprofits.