Heartland Legacy Society membership is very simple; if you have included Truman Heartland Community Foundation in your will or other planned giving vehicle, you are already part of this thoughtful group of donors.

Join the Heartland Legacy Society

  1. Include your fund or shell fund at Truman Heartland Community Foundation in your will, as a beneficiary designation, or in another planned giving vehicle.
  2. Notify THCF and complete a Future Gift Statement of Intent (PDF) form to let us know how you will give and how you want to be recognized.

That's all there is to it!

New Legacy Society member gift

THCF Legacy Society

Anonymous – 25 members * **

Eldon and Bonnie Anderson

Leslie B. Anderson **

L. Joseph Arth

Roger and Jacqualyn Bailey

Glenda G. Bailey

Carol S. Baker

Charles and Sally Baldwin

Mark and Dianne Ballantyne

Paul and Gail Barham

Rick Cox and HazelAnn Barkie-Cox

Bill and Darleen Barnes

Dwight and Carolyn Barnhard

Dorothy D. Bay

Ross and Renata Beaudoin

Jerry and Doreen Benton *

Joe and Janice Blackburn

Larry and Susan Blick

Daniel L. and Janet Bodas

Craig and Debbie Bolger

Richard E. Bowman **

James D. Browning *

Ron Bruch

Donna G. Bullock *

David L. Bush

Gene and Joanne Cable

Jerry and Donna Carey

Carol Carpenter

Richard L. Cates

Beverly A. Cathcard *

Earl Kenneth Cavanah*

Kenneth (Marty) and Cindy Cavanah

Mary Lou Chalmers

Wayne and Stephanie Chipman

Roberta Coker *

Phyllis Combest

Byron Constance

Larry and Wanda Cook

J.D. and Jeanne Cooper

John and Melanie Courtney

Stan and Michele Crumbaugh

Norman, Mary Anne, and Chris Davidson *

Vicki Digby **

Sam and Vera Doutt

Marvin and Dixie Droege

John and Rosalie Dubach *

Willa Fancher *

John and Jeanie Ferguson

Wayne Feuerborn

Ron and Karen Finke

Carol Floyd

Chuck and Colleen Foudree

Robert and JeFri Franks **

Helen French *

Noel and Carolyn Fulkerson

William Gann

David and Jeanne Geiman

David and Henri Goettel

Sara Lloyd Goyer & Geoffrey Caldwell Goyer

Dr. Fred and Marge Hahn

Harold and Mary Ellen Hall *

Doug and Beth Hammer

Ed Hammond Family

Phil and Nancy Hanson

Elaine Hartong

Douglas G. and Helen Ann Hatridge

Bill and Wilma Henks

William Richard (Rick) and Linda Henks

Helen Hilliard *

Roy Holt and Emma Jean Tuck Holt

Homer McWilliams *

Bryan and Tina Hughes

Margaret E. Hurt *

V. Carl Jelley, MD *

Dr. Edward and Connie John

Clifford and Diane Jones

Gary E. Jones and Laura Lane Jones **

Jerry and Sharon Kasten

Sharon K. Kelly

Maureen Kennedy

Gene and Margaret Kenney

Rebecca Knepper

George and Ronna Koepp

Richard and Pamela Kreher

Janet D. Lacey-Hodges

Don and Ruth Landis

George and Rita Langton

Gene Lewis

Mary Long

Donna Lou Lyle

Tom and Myrna Mardis

Forest and Marjorie Martin *

Gale Martin

LaDonna Masters

Nancy J. Mayhall

David and Connie Mayta

Richard R. and Ester G. McCall *

Gary and Liz McClure

Harry and Donna McDaniel

Carol McGraw

Zita McGraw

Vida B. Mehrhoff

Marie Mickelson *

Carl and Leslie Milby

Lorene Mitchell *

Melanie Moentmann

Marcella Morgan *

Nancy Murdock

Richard and Virginia Nadeau *

John and Judy Ness

Wendell and Myrna Olson

Russell and Mabel Pepper

Marjorie Pollard *

Randy and Judy Porter

William and Melissa Powell

Dick Puhr *

Jeffrey and Marita Ray

Jana Redding **

Brad and Sharon Reimal **

Missy Reimann

Richard Rhodes *

Gary and Glenda Riekhof

Norman Ring and Sara Crow-Ring

Katherine H. Rolfe

Connie Rose * **

J. Brian Russell

Linda Jane Salts *

Harold H., Norma J. and James Allan (Jimmy)
Schmidt *

Barbara Schuster

Elizabeth A. Scott

Clifford M. and Mary Beth Seger

Alvin and Ella Marie Sehrt *

Marc and Bridgette Shaffer **

Martin D. Shrout *

Dr. Steve Silverstein

William C. and Anne M. Sizemore

Terry and Betty Snapp

Jim and Mary Stilley

Paul Stone, Jr.

Clarence and Betty Stowell *

Bill Summa and Peggy Summa *

Dan and Shannon Sundberg

Martha Taggart *

Jane Taylor

Allan and Karen Thompson

Paul and Marilyn Thomson

Gary Toms

Lance Trammell and Heather Dawkins

Garland and Pauline Tripp *

Montie and Marjorie Tripp

Fern Truschke-Stuart

Scott and Jennifer Turner

Todd and Nicole Underwood

Charles and Elizabeth Unger

Howard and Frances Vaughan *

Michael and Mary Jo Watkins

Elizabeth C. Weekley-Sutton *

Lysle and Carolyn Weeks

Brenda West

Bob and Candy White

Thomas L. Winslow *

Anne Marie Wix

Russell and Alicia Wolford

Debra S. Wood

Scott and Linda Wright

David and Shirley Wurth


*Matured Gifts

**New Members in 2022

These Legacy Society members have given their consent to be recognized publicly.

Have you included THCF in your will?

The long-term impact is exciting. The assets we accumulate while we are living will be leveraged long after we’re gone allowing us to continue good stewardship.

- Cliff Jones