Good Stewards Today and Tomorrow

Good Stewards Today and Tomorrow

 A primary reason that people create charitable foundations is to leave a legacy. And that’s exactly what Cliff and Diane Jones are doing.

“We don’t have children so becoming a Legacy Society member at Truman Heartland made sense for us,” said Cliff, who added that it’s an excellent tool for making a forever impact.

To become a Heartland Legacy Society member at THCF requires no financial commitment while the donor is living. Donors name THCF or their donor advised fund as a beneficiary in their will, trust or retirement plan as a part of their estate planning.

As a financial advisor, Cliff knew that he and Diane could do more. So they also created the Clifford and Diane Jones Foundation, a THCF donor advised fund to initially make grants to three favorite nonprofits that met their charitable goals.

Their generosity grew to include other organizations and even to helping THCF stretch its grant making capacity. Due to limited resources, THCF many times cannot fully fund grant requests. So, Cliff and Diane will cover the shortfall. Many times, the additional funds from the Jones’ donor advised fund mean the difference between fully funding a nonprofit’s request or not.

“There are so many needs in the community,” said Diane. “It doesn’t take much if we all pitch in.”

“The long-term impact is exciting,” said Cliff. “The assets we accumulate while we are living will be leveraged long after we’re gone allowing us to continue good stewardship.”

Being good stewards today – and tomorrow – gives meaning beyond words.


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