Convictions and Commitment

Convictions and Commitment

Jay and Sandy Greco have made volunteering in their home community of Blue Springs part of their family’s culture. When their kids were young, the entire family volunteered together in activities from manning charity fireworks tents to working at the Special Olympics. To this day the family is committed to giving back through volunteerism.

Over the years, Jay and Sandy became more and more convicted to give back financially as well as through volunteerism to their church and other causes close to their hearts. In 2013 the Greco’s embarked on a journey of faith to grow the impact of their charitable giving and as a result of partnered with THCF to create their family foundation. As a outcome of having a dedicated commitment to increasing their charitable giving and the opportunity to grow their charitable dollars tax free at the Foundation, the couple has been able to triple their giving impact to the causes close to their hearts in just a few short years. “We are able to simply manage our giving; make a bigger impact; and make it at an accelerated rate” noted Jay.

Sandy notes, “By partnering with THCF, I am able to see our giving grow monthly on our fund statements. I love being able to look at our giving journey onscreen and be proud of the progress we have made.”

They are excited to make charitable giving a formal part of their family culture. “It is a great teaching tool with our adult children. We are excited to pass our fund on to future generations so that part of our family legacy will be generosity” noted Jay.


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