A Family's Spiritual Gift - the Gift of Giving

A Family's Spiritual Gift - The Gift of Giving

“A giver’s basic motivational drive is to conserve and share resources in order to meet needs. Givers take special delight in discovering needs that others overlook and then meeting those needs.” – Institute in Basic Life Principles

Ron and Karen Finke have been blessed with the spiritual gift of giving.  The joy that they find in life not only comes from spending time with family and volunteering within their community but through giving generously to the causes closest to their hearts.

In Matthew 25, the parable of the bags of gold, readers learn that they – as good stewards – should invest the wealth they are given.  Implementing this truth into their lives, the Finkes invest their charitable dollars at Truman Heartland to have the opportunity to multiply the impact of their charitable dollars in the community.

Ron and Karen value the vetting of grants by the staff to ensure their donor dollars fund reputable and ethical organizations.  In addition, they are able to contribute appreciated stocks to their fund as a strategic tax plan and can donate to multiple organizations in an inexpensive, efficient manner with all of the best benefits of having their own family foundation.

As members of the Heartland Legacy Society, Ron and Karen plan to create a forever charitable legacy for their family that will allow their already charitably-minded children to make grants in the family’s honor for years to come.  By naming the Finke Family Foundation at THCF as a beneficiary of their retirement accounts, the Finke’s will pass on their spiritual gift of giving to their future generations.


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