5 Reasons I Use Truman Heartland for My Charitable Giving

Five Reasons I Use Truman Heartland for My Charitable Giving 

As a lifelong resident of Eastern Jackson County, Carol Baker is always looking for a new way to give back to her community. Carol has served on many non-profit and chamber boards in the area. Her enthusiasm for philanthropy was encouraged by her parents from a very young age and it’s a lesson she’s carried with her throughout her life.

“My parents instilled that in me that this is something that you do. You give back, whether it’s with your time, your talent or your treasure.”

We asked Carol to talk about her personal experience with philanthropy as well as her experience using a donor fund through Truman Heartland. Here are her top five reasons for using Truman Heartland for her charitable giving. Check them out below!

1. They Support the Charities I Already Hold Dear To My Heart

“I’ve heard about Truman Heartland Foundation for years, and I knew that they supported a lot of the charities that I was familiar with and that I supported.”

2. They Make Donating Quick and Easy

“Truman Heartland was a way for me to do all of my chartable giving in one place. It’s very easy to use the online system. I can sign in online and say this is where I want to donate and this is how much I want to give and it’s done. I receive a letter of confirmation that it’s been taken care of and that’s it. It’s probably one of the easiest ways to donate.”

3. They Serve the Community I Live In

“The people in the community are the ones my donations support. The people I see in the grocery store or at church are the ones that benefit from the charities Truman Heartland help support. It comes down to wanting to make other people’s lives better through my funding.

I also enjoy the events like the Gala and the grant lunches. I get to see a lot of the people who are other funders and it’s a little bit like coming home, getting to see everyone. It’s familiar. And I get to see how my money added with other people’s money makes a difference.”

4. I Feel More Secure About My Future

“I feel confident. I know that everything is going to be taken care of and handled in a fiscally responsible way. When  I pass away, my money will be dispersed in the way that I want it to be and help more and more people even after I’m gone.”

5. I’ve Given a Gift That Will Keep Giving

“I’m single, I don’t have any kids. So where’s my money going to go? That money’s not going to do me any good when I’m gone. And that’s why I’ve also chosen to set up a Legacy Fund, so that I know that the money that I have now will go to help someone else when it’s no longer going to help me.”


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