Field of Interest Fund

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Passionate About a Cause?

A field of interest fund (FOI) allows you to make an impact in specific fields over time. You identify a specific or broad interest area (such as education, the arts, or animal welfare) and the THCF Community Grants Committee (or your advisory committee) ensures effective grant making within that field as the needs change over time. This type of fund allows your grant making to evolve as the needs within the field do, and gives you peace of mind knowing that THCF will be there to identify the best nonprofits in the issue area you have selected to ensure your legacy lives on.

7 Reasons People Choose Field of Interest Funds:

  • Flexible grant recipients within their favorite cause area
  • Ability to name an advisory board
  • Due diligence by THCF’s Grants Committee to ensure the top non-profits in the specific field of interest are grant recipients
  • Ability to utilize tax benefits in highly taxable years
  • Potential capital gains tax avoidance for gifts of long-term appreciated securities or other appreciated assets
  • Fund professionally invested through THCF or your personal trusted financial advisor
  • Anonymous grants possible

Initial minimum tax deductible gift of $5,000

Field of Interest Funds Support Ever-Changing Needs

If you had created a fund to benefit charities conducting Polio research in the USA in the 1940s, the need for those grant award dollars would cease to exist today. However, if you chose a field of interest fund, the grant award dollars could have shifted over the years within the field, possibly to the elimination of the disease worldwide.

A field of interest fund can ensure that your legacy gift is benefiting your favorite cause in an ever-changing world.


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