Outstanding Citizen Award

Toast to Our Towns

September 25, 2021

Your Neighbors Serving Your Community

Each year, Truman Heartland Community Foundation tasks area mayors with nominating a citizen from their local community to receive the Citizen of the Year Award.


Blue Springs – James L. May
Grain Valley – Christina “Kiki” Claphan (posthumous)
Independence – Stan and Michele Crumbaugh
Lake Tapawingo – Brad Cloverdyke
Lee’s Summit – Wyatt and Crystal Durgan
Raytown – Carol Frevert and Mary Oyler
Sugar Creek – Bill Haman


Blue Springs – The Meyers Family
Grain Valley – Dr. Brad Welle
Independence – Randy (posthumous) & Kathleen Vest
Lake Tapawingo – Tomi Bellinghausen
Lee’s Summit – Dr. Jay Rapley
Raytown – Vicki Turnbow
Sugar Creek – Don Border


Blue Springs — The Cosentino Family
Grain Valley — Jim Kissick
Independence — Dave and Connie Mayta
Lake Tapawingo — Rocky Queen
Lee’s Summit — Rod Handley
Raytown — DeeAnn Stock
Sugar Creek — Don and Mary Puhr


Blue Springs — N.T. Reed (Nick) Burrus
Grain Valley — James (Jim) T. Cook
Independence — Brad Speaks
Lake Tapawingo — George W. (Renny) Buckaloo
Lee’s Summit — Laurence Pressly
Raytown — Steve Mock (Posthumously)
Sugar Creek — Joseph D. Kenney


Blue Springs — Dave Smith
Grain Valley — Darryl Jones
Independence — Donna Pittman
Lake Winnebago — Chief Richard Williams
Lee’s Summit — Nick and Jennifer Swearngin
Raytown — Chris and Stacey Payne
Sugar Creek — Bob Buckley


Blue Springs — Linda Edison
Grain Valley — Michael Scully
Independence — Ron and Molly Clemons
Lake Winnebago — Steve Besermin
Lee’s Summit — Art and Hope Davis
Raytown — David Bower
Sugar Creek — Valerie Soule


Blue Springs — Ted and Betty Meyer
Grain Valley — Allen Lefko
Independence — Bill and Jill Esry
Lake Winnebago — Dr. Steven Silverstein
Lee’s Summit — The Tominia Family
Raytown — Mike McDonough
Sugar Creek — Herb Soule


Blue Springs — Steve Steiner & Dale Walkup
Grain Valley — Nancy Totton
Independence — Jack Gant
Lake Winnebago — Michael Collar
Lee’s Summit — Christine Bushyhead
Raytown — Terry Landers
Sugar Creek — Stan Salva


Blue Springs — Eleanor Frasier
Grain Valley — Jeff Coleman
Independence — Bill Rogers
Lake Winnebago — Aldo Mariotti
Lee’s Summit — Susan Coffman
Raytown — Bob and Jodie Smith
Sugar Creek — Dennis Onka


Blue Springs — F. Mark Hissong and Steve Mokosak
Grain Valley — David “Scott” Hedger
Independence — Jerry Mackey
Lake Winnebago — Dr. Jim Elias
Lee’s Summit – Dr. Emmanuel Ngomsi
Oak Grove — Danny and Dottie Hughes
Raytown — Barbara and Ben Carmack
Sugar Creek — Robert and Debbie Ray


Blue Springs — Art Phillips
Grain Valley — Dale and Sheila Arnold
Independence — Robert J. “Bob” Reeds
Lake Winnebago — Shirley Bond
Lee’s Summit — Jon Ellis and Vicky Cundiff
Oak Grove — Floyd and Frances Evans
Raytown — Kenneth Fleishmann and Kenneth Whisler
Sugar Creek — Jim Rittel and John Ryan


Blue Springs — Tom Evans
Grain Valley — Sharon Stewart
Independence — Ira and Nina Anders
Lake Winnebago — Jim McCambridge
Lee’s Summit — Michael Paul and Mary Ann Swisher
Oak Grove — Roy Meier
Raytown — Kenneth Blom
Sugar Creek — Veronica Powell


Blue Springs — Dr. Mark and Mrs. Cheryl Mozer
Grain Valley — Mary Strack
Independence — School Transition Team
Kansas City — Rev. John Modest Miles
Lake Winnebago — David Claycomb
Lee’s Summit — Geneva High
Oak Grove — Norby Corn
Raytown — Mike Aprill
Sugar Creek — Robert and Jake Welch


Blue Springs — Rick Nelson and Jeanie Lauer
Grain Valley — Dr. Chris Small
Independence — Cynthia and Kenneth McClain
Lake Winnebago — Bob Mais
Lee’s Summit — Larry Stewart, posthumously
Oak Grove — Hollis Dyer
Raytown — John Ness
Sugar Creek — Robert Pinter and Barry Berislavich
Silver Legacy, Harry S. Truman Library and Museum


Blue Springs — Lois Krueger
Grain Valley — Chuck Johnston
Independence — Glenn and Ada Betts
Kansas City — Mary Lou Jaramillo
Lake Winnebago — Robert Bennett
Lee’s Summit — Kathy Smith
Raytown — Al Maddox
Sugar Creek — Joe and Kathleen Woods


Blue Springs — Louie Lamendola
Grain Valley — David Hackett
Independence — Dr. Bridget McCandless
Kansas City — E. Frank Ellis
Lee’s Summit — Gene Gamber
Raytown — Gary Knabe
Sugar Creek — Ron Rybarczyk


Blue Springs — Larry Sparks
Grain Valley — Jan Reding
Independence — Larry Blick
Kansas City — Rev. Ralph J. Crabbe
Lee’s Summit — Phyllis Hamilton and Russ Berlin
Raytown — Rosalie Vanzant
Sugar Creek — L. Earle Conner


Blue Springs — Cindy Coburn
Grain Valley — Matt Farlin
Independence — Ken Johnston
Kansas City — Herbert M. Kohn
Lee’s Summit — Paula Belser
Raytown — Dr. Marlon Steinert
Sugar Creek — Alex Petrovic
Lone Jack — Howard E. Hensel


Blue Springs — Diane Mack
Grain Valley — Kim Roam
Independence — Galen Boyer, Jr.
Kansas City — C. Patrick McLarney
Lee’s Summit — Mel Aytes
Raytown — Edna Scahill
Sugar Creek — Mark O’Renick


Blue Springs — Derrick Warren
Grain Valley — Steve Gildehaus
Independence — Robert F. Glaser
Kansas City — Herman A. Johnson
Lake Lotawana — Dave Wagner
Lee’s Summit — Betty McNought
Raytown — Alyse Stoll
Sugar Creek — Lanard Toys


Blue Springs — Pam Albarelli and Lyle Shaver
Independence — Carl Mesle
Kansas City — Carolyn Vellar
Lake Lotawana — Howard Chamberlin
Lee’s Summit — Bud Hertzog
Raytown — Robert R. Sego
Sugar Creek — Charles Dumsky
Oak Grove — Brad and Fred Byam


Blue Springs — Carol Journagan
Independence — Lu Vaughan
Kansas City — Neighborhood Volunteers
Lake Lotawana — Barbara Robison
Lee’s Summit — Kay Ford
Raytown — Allen J. Brown
Sugar Creek — John Maglich
Grandview — Don Armacost, Jr.


Blue Springs — Imelda Farmer
Independence — Steven E. Mauer
Kansas City — Mary Groves Bland
Lake Lotawana — Rodney Sommers
Lee’s Summit — John C. Graham, Sr.
Raytown — Judith L. Ness
Sugar Creek — John McEvoy
Greenwood — Dan Vansickle


Blue Springs — Olen Wilkinson
Independence — Paul Weston
Kansas City — Vernon Thompson
Lake Lotawana — Brenda Ferrell
Lee’s Summit — Mary Stacy
Raytown — Shirley and David Wurth
Sugar Creek — Nancy Kimak
Lone Jack — James Neece


Blue Springs — Jim Moran
Independence — Roberta Coker
Kansas City — Rev. Wallace Hartsfield
Lake Lotawana — Paulla Martin
Lee’s Summit — Rev. Tom G. Haley
Raytown — Penny Hoffman
Sugar Creek — John C. “Jack” O’Renick
Grain Valley — Robert Gillette


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